Nature and the elements surround us and breathe life into us, embalm us into the embrace of the world, we set out to re-make the three main elements as gowns and looks as a homage to life and the world and as a loop between fashion and the elements we encounter in our lives.

We encounter fire sometimes, burning pain and loss, like the Paris attacks, and the attacks in Lebanon and Beirut, Nigeria, Kenya, Syria, and so many other countries and areas and regions and continents, fire scorches us in pain and loss but we must stay strong and useĀ  the pain and the fire to forge our strength, our fortitude and courage.

we encounter water, we are swept away by life floods and actual floods, we experience tsunamis like Japan and Mexico, we experience El-nino rains like Uganda, Madagascar, Kenya and worldwide.

We experience Earth, mudslides and snowstorms, sand storms which blind us to the blessings in our lives in these galaxies of inter-connectedess.

We are subject to the elements sometimes, but mostly we are able to subject the elements, when you are hit, get back up.

Never stay down!

PS; This post is dedicated to the hope of a happier tomorrow, to faith amidst the loss. the belief that there is a better day is what we have to hold on to.

From Nguoz with love, xoxoxo!










3 comments to WATER, FIRE, EARTH

  • Kennedy  says:

    Awesome Artistry.

  • Michelle Siro  says:

    woow wow wow!!! loving the artistic approach to this..awesome :)

  • Burdizzo  says:

    Awesome awesom