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HTT Nguoz!


Howdy Nguoz Fam!

I hope 2017 is going splendid for every one so far! HTT Nguoz stands for head to toe Nguoz and how absolutely fabulous does that look! My love of colors has never been more apparent that through this post!

Turning one year older but not necessarily wiser is always an amazing moment to celebrate and reflect upon decisions made, and to seek out the new beginnings and opportunities.

Sending all the blessings and good vibes your way!





Egg plant Trench Coat- Nguoz

Turquoise Mermaid Hem Dress – Nguoz

Shoes; Back yard

Neck piece; Mr Price Capital Centre

Photography; Buoart





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There’s just a special Je ne sais quoi about shirting up that glams and classes you up in such fresh, crisp chicness! Don’t believe me?

Check out the pics we did with Greg Compelement pictures for the Nguoz Shirts collection! Can be worn as both smart casual aaand weekend wear! Variety of designs and bespoke alterations available! order up on 0710 240 970 :)



Location; Ngong Road Memorial Grounds

Photographer; Greg _ Complement Pictures

Thanks for stopping by

Thou shall slaaaaaaaaaay until you run out of posses then goof off  :)

And then laugh too too much! No really is this even healthy :)

xoxo love and light,


PS: custom made shirts available from Nguoz in all sizes and designs.

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Orange is The New Black


Hello Nguoz – fam

Orange is my jam, (okay all bright colours are) but Ankara in orange just blows me away! This Ankara Cape was designed by Nguoz and Made by J-Biana (feel free to hit her up!)

Nguoz is exploring Ankara in the next series of posts and we hope to keep it as interesting as and as exotic as the African fabric often is!



Love and Light


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In all honesty, I do not own anything neon :)

(under garments don’t count!)

That is, until I came across this beautiful lace neon fabric and had a dress made out of it.

So if you are the person who called “NEON!” I am serving it up for you with a dash of fierce coupled with the lovely juxtapose of Ankara back grounds.

Love and more love, light and more light



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