I heard them sometimes, the thuds in the night, the screams, the silent cries were the worst. Things fell in the room, but the thuds were the worst. You were not sure what was broken, who was dented, who was bleeding

They were fighting again, or our aunt had come knocking frantically on our door to escape from her husband, the father of her children, who was battering her.

If you have not experienced domestic violence in one way or another growing up or currently, then I have to say in addition to being rare you and your family are quite lucky and should keep up the peace

In my opinion nothing justifies having to be physically and even psychologically made to suffer, in any way shape or form

To anyone in such a situation reading this, you have two choices, stay or leave. None of them are easy, both are quite complicated and conflicting, but make the choice that works for you in your current situation.

In whatever you do decide, I wish love and blessings to you and yours.


Concept; Lynette Aluoch

The lamp shows a light into the lives of those affected in one way or another by DV and its impact on the entire family including the lasting impression t can create on children arising from such families and the ability of that reality to create an unending vicious cycle which can only be curtailed by love

This is a series to showcase domestic violence. This is not a deliberately skewed view on domestic violence, and this website acknowledges that in addition to male of female DV, there is also female-male inflicted DV as a perspective to DV


*DV – Domestic Violence

Photographer; Isaiah Maghanga


Sam Nasong’o

Winnie Abuor







love and love