Greetings from Lynnaya, Sheila and Caro!

It’s been a minute since we last posted but better late than never, so let’s dive right in shall we? :)

Nairobi chic is a three part series showcasing the looks we deem casual, depending on your destination and the look- feel you desire to exude. We are very excited about how it turned out.
There are a lot of events in Nairobi from Rugby to concerts, events and even just random outings with friends! Nairobi is about having fun and living life to the fullest.

The first part of this mini-series is our own Carol, who is showcasing what Nairobi casual chic means to her, in an outfit that would be best suited for a sporty event or a laid back, very chill meet...

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The Little Black Dress popularly known as the LBD is a chic yet formal, good girl yet baaad girl piece of clothing that is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It has over the years revolutionized daytime – to – night transformations and continues to do so as the wheels of fashion keep turning.

Here is a rendition of this classic piece of clothing as transformed by our very own Sheila from a simple office look to a night out or dinner, and thank you so much for stopping by…

Simple Lbd paired with a white jacket and nude pumps

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African Wear


Hello world wide web! (corny much :) Greetings from Lynnaya, Sheila and Carole! African wear by nguoz was an exciting project that was taken up by us three ladies, we looked for the fabric and came up with the designs that you will see below! This was done in conjunction with afro street collections. We were very excited about the outcome and it feels wonderful to share with you guys!!!(hence the exclamation marks)

Special shout outs go out to all who made this possible;
1. Allan Kasujja – Best photographer ever!
2. Winnie Abuor of WinIT technologies who is a photographer and a techie (we love you!).
3.Location provided by Sir Henry and Aisha Otiende ( she did our make up too!) at their lovely lovely riverside home, that garden is heavenly and I hope we will be back there soon! …...

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