I think you must have heard of Jane Mukami by now, if you are into all things healthy eating and fitness, taking care of your body etc no? Even if you aren’t into these things you should have heard of her.

Well, to those of us who haven’t had the pleasure, she also goes by the moniker @fitkenyangirl, follow link below and catch on up!


Now that you are caught up, me and 3 other people decided to take up the 10 day detox, this happened from 21st November to 30th November and was one of the longest 10 days of my life and that’s just the half of it!

I will go through the day by day and just review the general feelings as well as the physical state of things from day 1 to 10, I hope it helps!

DAY 1  ; This is not so bad is it?

It wasn’t, the day went swimmingly well, there was lunch involved, zero complaints, although its like when the mind knows that you are not allowed to do something you more often than not get more of a hankering than usual, oh well, the smoothie at night was met with a lot of hunger but we made it through the night.




DAY 2; I  can do this, its all good



And it was, the breakfast was at least heavy, two smoothies for the rest of the meals for day 2, still energized and pumped and psyched up to be doing this, already counting down like it isn’t only the second day of the entire thing.




DAY 3; Why are you even doing this?

Is the question I kept getting asked at the office. ‘ why are you eating that?’

‘wait a minute that’s for lunch? that’s IT?

‘ you DO realize you are still going to DIE right? like in the end you will still die’

Hahahaha and I laughed and carried on with my smoothies and snacks, people will always have something to say, and when you encounter this, first of all you will be too hungry to argue, second of all, you will be TOO hungry to argue and third, you must know and decide for yourself why you want to do this.

 DAY 4; h-e-e-e-e-e-l-p m-e-e-e-e-e



By now the hunger is real, (smoothies all day everyday are a part of life now) and is a part of you lol but you feel so proud of yourself because tomorrow you are going to hit day 5 which means you are halfway there! some of the side effects Jane Mukami warns of are headaches and also mood swings.My friend that I did this with, Winnie, a certified foodie, got the headaches. I on the other hand got the mood swings on day four, I was snapping at people and going off and at some point during the day I had a meeting with myself and just told myself to chill the fish out. It kinda worked. Kiiiinda.


DAY 5; half way there


yeah, and it was Friday on day 5 for me. And there was a fare well bash for one of my colleagues who had left. of course there was food there and drinks etcetera so I decided not to go so as not to be tempted. yep I took the cowardly way out, like why would I take myself into temptation when the prayer says deliver us from temptation?

Friday night spent at home on the couch (even the smell of tea was giving me hunger pangs at that point, I was just on instagram staring at food pics and like salivating and slobbering all over the couch, sigh***) with smoothie in hand and some nuts, okay ground nuts (too weak for any other kind).

DAY 6; somebarry saaaaaaaaaaaaaavvveee meeeeeee

I don’t careeee hooowww youuuu dooo itttttt saaaaavvveeee meeee saveee meeeee come on I’ve been waitiiinnggg forrr youuuuuuuuu

(superman theme song playing on repeat in my head)

I know it sounds like on day 6 you have withered away into nothingness and your mouth is dry and cracked and your bones are showing through your skin. yeah? nope

Truth is its not so bad, imagine that. By day 6 there is a feeling of being centered and well just a good feeling over all. A feeling of heightened self control.

(keep in mind some people get bowel movements from day 1 of this, like very frequent ones, part of the cleansing)

So day 6 was a Saturday, and we had to like move houses, in the middle of a detox, I knooow, crazy! so yeah, zero temptations, no complaints, we did the move, carrying heavy stuff and what not, and in the end we made a smoothie and gladly drank it all, more couch and movies, more instagram food pics, alarming amounts of salivation and slobbering.




DAYS 7,8,9,10

I’m lumping these together because past day 6 the smoothies become a routine. There is a smoothie which I hated though, pineapples! I loove pine apples like as the fruit, its so delicious and packed with fibre and juice, and you would think that the pineapple would be awesome in a smoothie right? wrooong! It was super exhausting and we all agreed that it sucked. maybe it wont suck for you though. Also, day 9 and 10 have like real food so that was like a slam dunk! we were so excited about the food though but self control kicked in like the food is there and you want to eat it sooo bad but you walk away from it because at the end of the day its an extremely mental exercise and self control starts from the mind.

I know someone who quit the detox on day 4, but again if you start and you feel its not for you then by all means, proceed as you were, but I believe aside from the weight loss, its also makes the body alkaline since you cut out a lot of junk food and unhealthy drinks eg sodas, processed juices and foods etc ( remember, cancer cells are said to thrive in highly acidic environments) and it reduces your stomach so that you eat less than before.

I have attached the 10 day detox for those who would want to give it a try :


I personally shed   inches around my waist and thighs, one of the requirements is that you measure yourself and here is a photo of my before and after measurements (forgive the scribbles)


Happy detoxing!




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    He he heee, you cracked my ribs. Thanks for being real !!!!