It’s all in the details

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As a blogger, one must always focus on the details of the shoot, there is of course the main garment/outfit but there are also the accoutrements which accompany said outfit which ‘bring the look together’, in most cases, these are accessories as well as any other texture/feel/addition one may feel a look requires, which would mean the difference between just a plain look/outfit and an edgy and bold look.

These are some focus shots we took at our shoot in Leopard Beach resort Mombasa (heavenly place!) that we wanted to share with you, temporary tattoos available at Forever Trendy, Nairobi.


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photography by the talented Marion Vionna, Mombasa based photog :)




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2 comments to It’s all in the details

  • Scoffield  says:

    the details make the pics tokelezea vizuri, well in ladies :-)

  • Lynnaya  says:

    Thank you very much Scoffield! More to come, keep it Nguoz! :)