EDITED RAW- APW (African princess warrior)

Well hello there everyone! It’s been a minute, the ladies of Nguoz salute you. We would like to share on this post the raw edits of the African princess warrior post and just juxtapose that with the final work on the previous post.

Of note to say is that our APW photos were shared on the South African magazine, conte mag , check it out on the link                       http://contemag.com/contemag/  all thanks to our extremely talented photog, Isaiah Maghanga, man after my own heart.

Well below are the raw edits, happy viewing and of course as always your feedback is welcome!



















3 comments to EDITED RAW- APW (African princess warrior)

  • Michelle Siro  says:

    I really love the artistry you put in ur shoots..keep it up..n keep em coming :)

  • Lynnaya  says:

    Thank you very much Michelle! Much more to come :)

  • Burdizzo  says:

    Awesome such art coming from Kenya