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HTT Nguoz!


Howdy Nguoz Fam!

I hope 2017 is going splendid for every one so far! HTT Nguoz stands for head to toe Nguoz and how absolutely fabulous does that look! My love of colors has never been more apparent that through this post!

Turning one year older but not necessarily wiser is always an amazing moment to celebrate and reflect upon decisions made, and to seek out the new beginnings and opportunities.

Sending all the blessings and good vibes your way!





Egg plant Trench Coat- Nguoz

Turquoise Mermaid Hem Dress – Nguoz

Shoes; Back yard

Neck piece; Mr Price Capital Centre

Photography; Buoart





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There’s just a special Je ne sais quoi about shirting up that glams and classes you up in such fresh, crisp chicness! Don’t believe me?

Check out the pics we did with Greg Compelement pictures for the Nguoz Shirts collection! Can be worn as both smart casual aaand weekend wear! Variety of designs and bespoke alterations available! order up on 0710 240 970 :)



Location; Ngong Road Memorial Grounds

Photographer; Greg _ Complement Pictures

Thanks for stopping by

Thou shall slaaaaaaaaaay until you run out of posses then goof off  :)

And then laugh too too much! No really is this even healthy :)

xoxo love and light,


PS: custom made shirts available from Nguoz in all sizes and designs.

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Orange is The New Black


Hello Nguoz – fam

Orange is my jam, (okay all bright colours are) but Ankara in orange just blows me away! This Ankara Cape was designed by Nguoz and Made by J-Biana (feel free to hit her up!)

Nguoz is exploring Ankara in the next series of posts and we hope to keep it as interesting as and as exotic as the African fabric often is!



Love and Light


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Blue is for the ocean,

Clear and true

Like your eyes,

and your soul on  some days.

When everything is heavy,


I hope you smile for yourself

From a deep place.

I wish you only love and light



Linett (40 of 113)_edit

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I heard them sometimes, the thuds in the night, the screams, the silent cries were the worst. Things fell in the room, but the thuds were the worst. You were not sure what was broken, who was dented, who was bleeding

They were fighting again, or our aunt had come knocking frantically on our door to escape from her husband, the father of her children, who was battering her.

If you have not experienced domestic violence in one way or another growing up or currently, then I have to say in addition to being rare you and your family are quite lucky and should keep up the peace

In my opinion nothing justifies having to be physically and even psychologically made to suffer, in any way shape or form

To anyone in such a situation reading this, you have two choices, stay or leave...

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It’s all in the details

A hearty hello from us here at Nguoz!

As a blogger, one must always focus on the details of the shoot, there is of course the main garment/outfit but there are also the accoutrements which accompany said outfit which ‘bring the look together’,

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A hearty hello from all of us here at Nguoz!

We hope you have been well! We took a hiatus to just reflect on what artistic contributions we wanted to make to the blogosphere especially in Kenya and also internationally.

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Who are we?

Are we really who we are, we wear masks every day, we must conform to various groups, and fit in with the rest.

What do our masks say about us?

What does your mask say about you?

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A hearty hello from everyone here at Nguoz! I hope you have all been A-Okay and I hope the year has started well for everyone, good will and best wishes all around.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Its origin is shrouded in some mystery, but the most wide spread tale is as below;
Once upon a time, circa the 14th Century, there are tales about one Saint Valentine of Rome which indicated he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to legend, during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius, and before his execution, he wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell. He died for love and was martyred...

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Nature and the elements surround us and breathe life into us, embalm us into the embrace of the world, we set out to re-make the three main elements as gowns and looks as a homage to life and the world and as a loop between fashion and the elements we encounter in our lives.

We encounter fire sometimes, burning pain and loss, like the Paris attacks, and the attacks in Lebanon and Beirut, Nigeria, Kenya, Syria, and so many other countries and areas and regions and continents, fire scorches us in pain and loss but we must stay strong and use  the pain and the fire to forge our strength, our fortitude and courage.

we encounter water, we are swept away by life floods and actual floods, we experience tsunamis like Japan and Mexico, we experience El-nino rains like Uganda, Madagascar, Kenya and...

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